Working Out is the Perfect Metaphor for Growth in Life

There is a psychological and physiological aspect to reaching any desired fitness goal. Through working out, there are endless benefits in improving your health within virtually every aspect through an adequate effort. However, in order to see the physiological results, you must pass through all the physiological angst.

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Like any challenges faced in life, one must go through the transitory pain and discomfort to come out the other end stronger, healthier, and fitter. Having that feeling of anguish and acute fatigue is going to happen. That pain is indisputable, and the ONLY way for you to see results and development is to bypass those mental boundaries telling you that “you’re tired.” Life will never only be about the feel-good endorphins. Yet, our mind keeps us comfortable. However, in most situations like working out, this “comfortability” may inhibit us from further development. Accepting and pushing forward despite that feeling is the ultimate solution for anybody to make it through life’s obstacles. 

Now there is good news to this all. The good news is that the momentary cost of pain will never outweigh the subsequent benefits of staying disciplined and persistent through it. Exercising not only helps you control your weight, but it also helps to improve your mood, benefits cognitive function, and reduces the chances of chronic illness/disease. Ironically enough, working out also increases your pain tolerance. 

Growth is analogous to the breakdown of muscle tissue, then building it back up more robustly in the process. In addition, you’re also raising your endurance and improving your overall physical (and mental) state. Being healthy requires good physical activity for longevity. And there is a price to pay for not exercising. Just like in life, the more you avoid something and stay in your comfort zone, the more progress you delay and will be multiplied in the future. Life will always have obstacles (pain), and the best we can do is face them head-on and continue through despite… 

Take these steps (pt. 2)

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Disclaimer: I’m not advising anyone to go workout until you pass out every session. But what I am saying is to push yourself as much as you can, when you can.

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