Find your WHY for working out

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Everyone has a reason behind working out. Whether intrinsic or extrinsic, each individual is driven by specific incentives prompting them to stay resilient throughout their process. Yet, to excel in anything, we must realize that our WHY is that fuel in the fitness journey.

Everyone’s WHY also varies.

Everyone knows that they need to exercise on a regular basis to preserve their health, but most people fail to do it consistently because their desire is not robust enough. Everyone becomes attached to their story while tethered to your emotions aimed towards it. And in that story, we can find a WHY for advancing to our meaningful ending. We can harness and direct that drive into reaching goals in your fitness journey. That WHY serves as a compass in our lives, constantly pushing us in the invested direction. And there is no better circumstance to put that to use than for your physical and mental pursuit.

Lastly, make it easy to start attacking that why in participating in physical activity. I recommend Experimenting and finding something you like, getting good at that something, and keep pushing on with the right intangibles piloting.

People have unique struggles. They face various barriers when they are overweight, out of shape, live an unhealthy lifestyle, or are unmotivated. In order to bypass those mental barriers in fitness, the WHY also has to be stronger than the barrier. There are also good benefits both mentally and physically for us. Having this WHY to tear down those barriers can also help us find a community to “struggle” with along the way. It is beneficial because a social environment and emotional transformation were also shown to be essential for sustaining the enthusiasm to exercise—a clear why statement attracts people who believe what you believe.

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It’s important to know what drives you, so ALWAYS ask yourself these questions in pursuit:

“Who do I do it for”? “What is my driving factor right now in life (what gets me up in the morning)?

…Then use that driving factor as momentum to maintain and/or start the process

ultimately, “what will be the consequences and regret for in-action”?

2 responses to “Find your WHY for working out”

  1. Hi Brandon! This is a great post. I really enjoyed your call to action at the end and I will definitely start to ask myself these questions when I am lacking motivation to workout. It’s so important to go back to your why. Thank you for sharing and I look forward to reading more of your posts!

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    • Thank you Emma!

      Yes, I’m glad you’re taking it into account with yourself. These are definitely the types of questions we must ask in starting the process.

      -Most definitely, Hope to keep you in the loop on upcoming content


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