Calls to Action for Working Out (pt. 2)

Take Incremental Steps 1st

Steps to getting in shape and seeing results must start somewhere. Now, most of the time, people make excuses not to go to the gym, and most aren’t plausible. So, the first part is getting there. Start by simply allocating a small portion of your day strictly toward physical activity. It could be something as minimal as 10-30 minutes. The best action is to start. You’ll be surprised; results come after consistency and just by making time to show up.

Workout with a Friend(s)

If getting yourself to go to the gym is a hard enough endeavor because it’s just you don’t like the idea of going to the gym by yourself, get a friend to go with you. For most, it seems a lot more appealing that way. It is also an excellent way to keep each other accountable.

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Make it Fun

Listen to music, a podcast, or watch a video clip while at it. These seem to make time pass by faster at the gym. However, exercise also doesn’t always mean going to the gym. You can also get the proper amount of exercise by simply swimming, dancing, or even going on a beautiful mountain hike.

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Zone Out (conquer/distract your mind)

Sometimes, the best way to make it through the workout session is to zone out. It seems to make any amount of pain more bearable. You can do this by either: Clearing your head enough where time seems almost absent. Moreover, trick your mind enough to where “one more minute” doesn’t seem so extensive. Another way is simply by keeping your mind on the reason why you are at the gym in the first place. Use that incentive, that “why” as fuel to push through. It’s through the little things like thinking of something other than the hurt or bigger than yourself to last through the duration of it.

Go Through the Inevitable Hurt

To succeed, you must (fail) go through the pain and just embrace the moment. It happens within visiting that hour of the day (in the moment). The only way around it for growth is through it. Find your own way to push past those mental boundaries. Just do it in a way, so the next time, when you’re in the middle of a workout and want to quit, think of the courage and discipline you’re building for your life. And it all starts off with surpassing the hurt in the gym, facing it head-on.

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