How Sports Injuries Impact Mental Health

Injury at any level of sports (for any sport) takes a physical and psychological toll on athletes. It is devastating to realize that all the time and effort put into an activity suddenly goes for naught. All the preset-determined goals and aspirations to play at the next level become snatched away at a moment’s notice. Going from multiple triumphs with the team, to depression and isolation. The general population may not realize this gloomier reality in sports, but it is something to be aware of. A majority of athletes will get injured at some point during their playing career. The main problem is the response. Athletes don’t seem to know how to handle this unfortunate occurrence. How could they? Removing a primary coping mechanism in this everyday activity leads to numerous outcomes of depression, anxiety, substance/alcohol abuse, eating disorders, sleep disturbance, and additional anger/frustration episodes.

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The reality is that injuries happen frequently and arbitrarily. Often, athletes aren’t usually emotionally equipped to deal with this implicit inevitability of being involved with a participating physical activity. However, athletes could always take action and make deliberate decisions to step foot in the right direction…

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Always understand that there is a support system around you somewhere. Rehab still can be an option to strengthen and return to play in the prevention of further injury in the future.

Last of all, realize that it is just a sport and there is almost always a “Plan B”. Sports are not forever; eventually, people grow too old and unable to keep up, so every athlete must move on sooner or later. There is more to life than what could’ve been in sports. Every setback is set up for a comeback or realization of what is meant to be considering any setback.

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