80/20 Rule (Diet/Exercise)

For any weight loss or physique goal to be achieved, 80 % must account for the proper diet, and the rest of the 20 % must cover the exercise aspect.

Now, why is that?

Although daily physical activity and training are significant, one can never neglect the quality of proper food intake. In theory, one can go to the gym to work out as many times as they want, but if the nutritional aspect is not in alignment, that time and energy expenditure will be squandered. As a result, you will not notice the progress intended towards your fitness goal. Therefore, realize that when you consume junk food daily, you won’t see the results no matter how hard the intensity in the gym is. Now, this doesn’t go vice versa because, on the other hand, when eating the right amount of healthy food every day, the daily physical activity in simple routine tasks can burn calories. Therefore, the workload would be much easier for you, but the high-intensity workouts at the gym could almost offset if you have a simple active lifestyle and eat well.

You can burn additional calories by simply dieting, whereas, on the other hand, it takes a ton of physical activity to create the correct calorie deficit. In essence, the exercise intensity isn’t going to mean a thing if these nutritional habits are not aligned. In addition, other factors for determining your overall physiques such as genetics and sleep, play a role. But the 80/20 rule keeps it simple and straightforward. Of course, speeding up your metabolism through exercise can be beneficial, but keeping the balance in diet implementation will keep you efficiently on track to reaching your fitness goal. What you eat matters more because you can lose weight without working out.

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio on Pexels.com

All in all, both exercise and diet are essential in the process of staying in shape and losing weight. The bottom line is always to be mindful of what you eat because the right discipline, consistency, and prioritization in your diet will make all the difference when fulfilling your fitness goal.

Photo by Akshata Bablad on Pexels.com

“Why not make eating healthy a priority when you have to do it daily anyways…”

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