The {Gym High}

Have you ever wondered what it takes for runners to get that “runners high” that we all think is an anomaly? Who in their right mind would get into that state through vicious challenging cardiovascular activity?

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Well, I have news for you; It’s a thing. It’s that moment when you’re feeling so focused and free. When working out becomes less painful even and more enjoyable/pleasant.

This is to say, with barely any negative connotation. The euphoria you feel during and after exercise is not harmful.

Typically, people who don’t exercise much find exercise hard work. This “high” only happens after your strength, stamina, and skill development. You will know you’re on the brink of it when you start feeling good during and after exercise. People’s positive feelings from exercise can be a great natural way to motivate them to exercise more regularly. Throughout exercise that the brain’s endorphins are released creating an intense high. These feelings in our brains can also occur with other forms of exercise. For example, the endorphin release from fast-paced activities like running or jumping rope may encourage feeling the desire to exercise and help turn it into a habit.

This is one of the ultimate life hacks if you can master it. It’s a win-win because the state of mind you’re in when reaching it during exercise is similar to the euphoric feeling of a drug. The only thing is that instead of having adverse effects on your body, it benefits your body and overall health.

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STEPS to take- Consider–

Try incorporating HIIT workouts: In order to get the most endorphin release, simply alternate intense periods of exercise with active rest.

Please don’t overdo it and kill yourself by passing out every time. That pain could then backfire, and negative feelings can be the takeaway from experience instead.

Ultimately, you will only get there through repetition, consistency, and starting now.

Final discretion: Like anything, don’t overdo it. If you feel like exercising is taking up a majority of your life, and you can’t seem to go without it, then possibly reconsider. Do it more moderately because exercise addiction is a real thing too.

(Most people do not need to worry about getting addicted to exercise. Therefore you should try to always exercise regularly).

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