NIL Bill: Future of College Sports

In recent years, long-standing laws have banned student-athletes in this country from earning money. No student-athletes in any sports could not legally profit from sponsorships involving their name, image, and likeness. But now, times have changed, and this has been overturned.

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What is the NIL Bill?

This bill explicitly outlines the state’s position and laws in conjunction with various public Universities that consist of pay-for-play. This bill also directly impacts student-athletes currently attending universities. In this new era, these bills are being passed in numerous states throughout the country. At least one-third of all states have statutes already in effect. This suggests that student-athletes may be compensated for using the name, image, or likeness by specific organizations, directing the Legislative Committee on Education. Examples include being paid for autographs, appearing in advertisements, and social media shoutouts. Ultimately, this means that a business can strike a deal with an athlete and compensate them for advertising their services or product.

This bill will impact student-athlete services from what they have traditionally been receiving. There are many ramifications that colleges need to consider. However, this major shift in amateurism sports questions the short- and long-term implications of this major shift in rules remain.

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Things colleges, government, and the reader should consider:

Will scholarships be decreased? (And if so, what sports?)

What are the limitations of this money for the athlete?

Since there are specific commitments with student-athletes to the university, should athletes still have to ability to leave after to anywhere they please possibly? Could they receive money and walk away, or do they have an obligation to stay along with it?

Should there be a committee to monitor compensation and make changes to this new program?

If endorsements are only given to selected star players, how fair is this to the other athletes?

Considering all the grey areas and repercussions, is this bill here to stay?

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