Explaining Gut Health

Photo by Blue Zones on bluezones.com

Did you know that ALL food is broken down in the gut?! Wait, you probably might of…

Anyway, most people underestimate the value of taking care of your GUT. Your gastrointestinal (GI) tract transports any and all food from your mouth to your stomach. This converting process absorbs nutrients and stored energy to shuttle waste back out of your body. Your digestive system must be healthy and intact for this to function properly. Within your gut lies trillions of healthy bacteria and immune cells. A healthy gut also communicates with the brain through nerves and hormones (serotonin levels). Without proper maintenance of your gut, your immune system will be compromised. This, in turn, results in you becoming more susceptible to viruses and a negative mood affecting your wellbeing

Good Gut health = Brain healthy = body & person healthy

The key to so many of our health issues seems to lie here, also formally known as the microbiome. All food is ultimately broken down here to a simple form that can enter the bloodstream and be delivered as nutrients throughout our bodies. This is only possible with a healthy digestive system. Your GI tract has been linked to numerous aspects of health. Therefore, certain environments, foods, and behaviors can influence the health of the gut. Here’s why that matters and what you can do to improve yours.

Consider the role of probiotics and prebiotics. These living strains of bacteria also populate good bacteria in your microbiome. Prebiotic fiber acts as food for good bacteria, stimulating growth among the preexisting good bacteria aiding in the gut’s natural immune system.


Consume more Pre and Probiotics; here are some examples of them:

Prebiotics: fiber-oriented foods (veggies, almonds, apples, bananas, garlic)

Probiotics: fermented foods (yogurt, pickles, sauerkraut, kombucha)

Photo by Brandon Hunter 40 lbs heavier at a Buffet

Ultimately just treat your body right and: 

  • Follow a balanced diet 
  • Drink plenty of water and stay hydrated 
  • Stay active/exercise regularly  
  • Get a good night’s sleep

Habits that are bad for you and your body, like smoking and excessive alcohol consumption, can hurt your microbiome, so avoid this. Also, avoid taking unnecessary antibiotics/medications.

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