Airplane Analogy (prioritizing your health 1st)

Every time you fly, flight attendants do a briefing prior to take-off. For emergencies, when and if the cabin loses pressure, an oxygen mask will drop from overhead, and you MUST “put on your oxygen mask before assisting others.” Now, what exactly is the reasoning behind and the importance of that?

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Answer: If we do not prioritize our health, we will not be able to help others

Although it seems counterintuitive at first, if you are not around (if you lose consciousness), how will you be able to assist others? Nevertheless, you will not be able to help your children or anybody next to you. There won’t be any point to, because even if you get that mask on them before you’re out, you will not be able to assist them in what awaits next.

This is a crucial analogy to consider when living out your days. For your health journey, one must ultimately make sure their entire wellbeing is in alignment and rejuvenated to take on more. If you do not take care of yourself, you can experience health problems, burnout, stress, fatigue, reduced mental effectiveness, and much more. But, on the other hand, by putting on your mask first, you will be able to take care of others because your energy reserves will become replenished. Most importantly, all in all, by taking care of your health now, you may have the longevity to experience life.

What will help you in prioritizing yourself (unselfishly, of course)

  • Avoid burnout. DO NOT overwork yourself in constant depletion of energy. So, rest up and recoup.
  • Practice self-care by often engaging in your hobbies and interest.
  • Enjoy quality time with your favorite activities and people.
  • Find time for yourself and clear your headspace. Meditate.
  • Exercise. Exercise. Exercise. – And eat well
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(Of course, don’t only wait for emergencies to take action in this process). 

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